Designer Interviews - Week 5

Designer Interviews - Week 5

To wrap up these series of interviews, I have another of my favorite Designers - Genine Delahaye. She is a freelance children’s illustrator and print designer who has worked with many highstreet clients.

Hello Genine, I'm really pleased you agreed to these series of interviews, so we can learn more about you and your work Thank you so much!

No problem at all, thank you for including me :-)

When looking at your work I feel the joy and fun you had designing it, where do you gather your inspiration from and how do you manage to keep it always so fresh looking?

So lovely to hear nice things about my work, thanks so much. I guess for me its just creating what I enjoy looking at! who doesn't love a bit of eye candy. I love bright, bold patterns and try to keep in mind the target audience when I'm creating my artwork, which in most cases for me is Children. I love working on children's prints as I really get to let loose and use my imagination.

Do you mind sharing what is your working process? 

I don't have much of a working process these days as all my deadlines seem to be so tight, and I find I have to get to work straight away. I usually have a little clear up of my work area as I find if its cluttered or messy thats how my designs tend to turn out too! (weird) then I have a quick look on Pintrest, make a few sketches and its go go go. I find that with being a stay at home mummy, the time I actually get to sit down and design (interruption free) is really precious so I try not to waste any of it.

Being a Freelance Designer can be challenging in many ways, you have to be self disciplined, a multi-tasker and sometimes feel the pressure of being financially insecure. What challenges have you faced along the way?

I guess it would be what I mentioned above, at this present time in my life my career really seems to be picking up and it just so happens that family life is too. I have a four year old little girl and another baby due November 2015 so its a bit of a juggling act and my time is extremely limited. However I really can't complain, I have the best of both worlds! I get to earn my own money and set my own working hours which comes in really handy with a young family.

What are your thoughts on selling outright instead of licensing? Do you look at other forms of income?

I've never Licensed my work, I've always sold outright which for me works really well. With that said I wouldn't rule out a licensing deal at some point in the future.

Did you have a dream client? And if so have you managed to work with them?

I've been really lucky and I've had a great year! I've managed to work for some of my dream clients like Primark, and Fisher Price to name a few. I would love to at some point have my work in Paperchase, which might not be to far off now I have my new agent Lemon Ribbon. Exciting times lay ahead and I can't wait to see what next year will bring.

If you could change one thing in the business what would it be?

Oh gosh that's a tricky one! I guess for me it would be short deadlines! I seem to get a lot of those.

Who are your favorite artists and who do you admire?

I love and admire lots of artists, some of my favorites include Orla Kiely, Jillian Philips, Helen Dardik and of course my fellow sugarcubers Dawn Machell and Lizzie Mackay.

We would also love to know a little bit more about you. What other hidden talents do you have?

I'm not to sure I'm fantastic at anything! But I enjoy baking (massive fan of the bake off!) and love being a mummy! :-)

Any exciting projects for the future?

As mentioned above iv just signed up with Lemon Ribbon Studio so really looking forward to building my portfolio with them and looking forward to seeing what comes from this new partnership.

Finally would you like to give any advice for new and upcoming surface designers and illustrators?

I would say persistence and confidence is the key! I've never had any artistic training, I haven't got a degree in art or design but what I do have is passion for what I do which is invaluable in our industry. Keep going no matter how many doors shut in your face or how many rejections you might face. One day somebody will say yes and that's all it takes.

Thank you Genine for having the time and courage to share more about yourself and your art. It has been wonderful to get to know you better.

Please keep doing what you do because the world needs your art!!

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